About the Carroll County Chamber of Commerce

The Chamber gathers statistics, prints brochures, visits new businesses, answers inquiries and advertises what a great place Carroll County is to work, live, and enjoy life.  To accomplish this goal the chamber acts as a catalyst for business professionals to work together for the common good of the community.  A better community means better business conditions for everyone. The chamber does whatever is necessary to keep the area's economic development at a high level where businesses find it profitable to operate.  We represent and promote the area's self-image in economy, and encourage industry investments to broaden our county tax base, and provide employment and opportunities for our residents.  Chambers of late are increasingly involved in non-commercial ventures as well: that is, education, environment, government, and cultural and social concerns. They have become a viable force in seeking solution to today's social and socioeconomic problems and influence national, state, and local legislation, which effect businesses.  Only by succeeding in these fundamental goals can we provide the jobs that produce the means to enjoy the standards of government, education, culture, and charitable institutions we aspire to.

You are. Chamber members are area business professionals who provide the ideas, incentive, ambition, goals, funds, and voluntary services required to keep the Chamber committed to its standards of excellence.

The Board of Directors are elected by the membership and determines the policies and programs. They, in turn, employ a paid director, whose responsibility is to organize and execute those policies and programs.

Our Chamber is an organization of leading business professionals in the Carroll County area whose vision lays the groundwork for our common economic goals: TRAFFIC PATTERN ACCESS:We've initiated the Route 30 Committee-whose job is to track state and federal funding, and to get this vital trade route (which connects Canton industry with Carroll County's) accessed through the northern part of Carroll County.

AN INFORMATION CENTER: Inquiries about our local activities, schools, businesses, and economic possibilities are answered daily through our office.

VALUABLE INFORMATION: We write and circulate a monthly newsletter to all our members on various business topics, along with legislative updates that may affect area businesses.

MONTHLY MEETINGS: Opportunities for one on one communication and forming business networks are only one benefit of the monthly meetings. Each month guest speakers with various areas of expertise strengthen your business knowledge.

STRENGTH: The Carroll County Chamber of Commerce collectively accomplishes what no one can do individually.

DEMOCRATIC VOICE: The united voice of Chamber members provides an effective call for action when a single voice has often gone unheard.

PRESTIGE: The enhanced status of Chamber membership instantly conveys to your customers and potential customers that you believe in the surrounding community, and work to support and enhance the economic benefits for all.

FUNDING: The Chamber is financed primarily by its members through annual dues, which are based on the number of employees.   Every member can contribute a mutually beneficial attitude, helping to overcome today’s challenges with a vision toward future enterprise and economic wealth.

Now! The sooner you invest in your business future, the sooner you can see immediate results and continued returns. If you're committed to ensuring your business's success, contact your Chamber office today.

Don’t Wait!  Contact the Chamber 330-627-4811 today!

Board Officers 2016

President: Janet Smith   

Vice President: Rosemary Brace   

Secretary: Michele Catlett

Treasurer: Lester Dodds

Executive Director: Amy Rutledge

Admin. Assistant: Vanessa McConnell

Board Members 2016

Rosemary Brace, Tait Carter, Grant Fair, Dan Long,Chris Shepherd, Natalie Woodin, Nick Trussell, Wendy Gotschall, and Susan Ziler


Board Meetings 2016

3/23/2016        The Virginia Restaurant

4/27/2016        Ashton House Museum    

5/25/2016        JBChops @Bluebird Farm Park

6/22/2016        Ponderosa

7/27/2016        The Virginia Restaurant

8/24/2016         TBA

9/21/2016         The Villa Restaurant

10/26/2016     JBChops @Bluebird Farm Park

11/16/2016     Ashton House Museum

12/21/2016      TBA